Some Tips for Pregnant Women.

By | November 14, 2021

Some Tips for Pregnant Women.

Do not eat raw papaya, aloe Vera juice, pineapple, carrots.

1. Red spinach, pomegranate, chicken, pigeon calf, horn fish, marine fish, apple, red meat, red flour bread increase the amount of blood in them, eat spinach vegetables small fish, nuts. Eat less rice if you are overweight.

2. Noodles, chocolate, 2/3 days a week.

Eating cakes, sweets will increase the weight of the baby. Eggs, milk, on the daily food list.

Horlicks, (Mother) Try to keep bananas.

Eggs, milk, on the daily food list.


3. Exercise regularly, walk (different if you have full rest). Do chores around the house, do not do heavy work, lift the pitcher, press the faucet, lift the rice pan, bathe in the shill Noora, make bread, scrub the pot, wash the clothes, sit down and refrain from doing any work, lean down. Never do anything without making a mistake. After the pressure in the lower abdomen in these activities … It can also cause the death of your newborn child.

4. Many people vomit in the morning after drinking water on an empty stomach. If possible, brush at night, wake up in the morning and rinse. Eat something else without drinking water before eating, then drink water. If possible, eat small portions throughout the day.


5. Try to mix with everyone, talk, the mind will be good. When left alone, many people have bad thoughts.

6. At that time, there was a blow on the face, tongue, and wisdom teeth.

Avoid if you can get wound cream in case of pregnancy (take it as advised by Dr.)

7. At this time water comes on the feet … Keep your feet on the pillow while sleeping. Rest the pillow behind your back while sleeping. Keep itching sleeves, water jugs, torches, close by. Bismillah, Surah Fatiha, Tin Kul, Ayatul Kruse.

8. Do not skip prayers. Read the Qur’an, always remember Allah. God wants the children of the righteous.

Prayers are accepted while pregnant.

9. Have regular checkups, take medicine as per the doctor’s advice. Drink more water. Eat watermelon, coconut water, fruit juice.

Take regular baths. Let the family members know if the body feels bad. Wear loose clothing, wear slippers.

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