Best 10 Mental health Symptoms of Children in Corona

By | October 26, 2021
Mental health Symptoms

There is a saying in medicine, “What we don’t know, we don’t see with our eyes.” This proverb applies especially to the health of children during the coronation. Children cannot express their illness in the way that adults can. Adults, such as parents and older siblings, have an important responsibility to identify and treat these illnesses in children at the right time.

The purpose of this article is to assist adults with the mental health symptoms of children. I will highlight ten symptoms that are seen in children due to coronary stress. Although these are emotional, they also have physical effects. If you know, your eyes can see it too.

After highlighting the ten symptoms, there are five solutions that you can do at home to keep the baby healthy.

mental health symptoms

10 mental health symptoms of coronary stress in children

1. Children go through one step after another as they grow up. First, you have to feed them food, then you learn to eat on your own. Learn to go to the bathroom on your own. The tasks that the child has learned, the steps that he has crossed if he goes back to the steps behind him. For example, a child who has not urinated in six months of sleep, if he starts doing it again.

2. The child is still feeling bad, suffering, not feeling well at all.

3. What the child used to enjoy doing, he now avoids.

4. Young children are crying too much or are upset all the time, the mood is irritable. Teenagers are abusive, screaming, or arguing, their moods are irritable.

5. The child is losing focus, having trouble concentrating on one thing.

6. Doing bad things in school or not wanting to go to school.

7. Unhealthy eating habits are developing. Eating less or too much food than usual.

Getting into unhealthy sleep habits, getting less sleep, having trouble sleeping, or getting too much sleep.

8. Headache, abdominal pain, body aches, etc. without any illness. Stress can also cause these physical symptoms.

9. Anxiety disorder is one of the major mental health symptoms. The baby is getting more and more anxious or upset.

10. Addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs.

The appearance of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that mental health is affected. During the lockdown, almost everyone’s routine has been changed. Sleep habits have changed a lot. Therefore, it cannot be said that this change is due to stress.

But we have to be awareThis is because depression is also a symptom of sleep deprivation or sleep deprivation in children.

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Here are 5 ways to try to keep your baby healthy

If you notice signs of stress in your baby, try the following. And if necessary, you must seek the help of a doctor.

1. Don’t talk to the baby about the epidemic. Give him information in a language he can understand according to his age. Reassure her that she is safe.

Tell him that it’s normal to feel bad about Corona. And let it be known that you are by his side. At any time he can come to you with his questions, worries, fears and you will listen to him attentively.

Keep calm while talking. The child will listen to what you say. The way you say it, but he will notice.

mental health symptoms

2. Try to limit the news of the corona epidemic at home. Watching news of epidemics and deaths all the time on TV, YouTube, Facebook can cause emotional stress for the mental health of a child.

Again, many kinds of misinformation circulating in these places. Not understanding the news, misunderstanding, or seeing the wrong news, he can be scared. Let the child know in advance that not everything that is said about the Corona epidemic on Facebook or TV is true.

3. Have a nice time with the baby. You can read books with him, you can play sports, you can exercise.

And as much as possible, try to maintain the child’s normal routine. For example, if you are supposed to go to school but the school is closed, you can make a reading schedule, tiffin, and sports schedule as per the school routine.

Give her a chance to talk to her friends. Be it by phone or video chat. The closer the child gets to his normal life, the better.

4. Teach the child how he can protect himself and others from the corona. For example, you have to wash your hands frequently. You can’t go to someone who is coughing or who is sick. Knowing these things will make them a little more courageous and confident and gradually mental health symptoms will be developed.

5. You need to be a role model for your baby. Getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, keeping in touch with friends and relatives on the phone or on the Internet, washing your hands frequently, not touching your eyes and nose – you need to do these things. Children will also learn by watching you. It will improve their mental health.

Take care of yourself. Do not panic if you see any mental health symptoms that the child’s health is deteriorating. Go ahead with a plan.

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Terri E. Getzug, MD

Gastroenterology Specialist

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