Causes of lose your sense of smell in Corona.

By | October 26, 2021
smell loss due to corona

One of the main causes of olfactory(lose your sense of smell in Corona) loss is infection by viruses. Corona is a virus. Due to the widespread prevalence of corona, you have to assume that you have been infected with corona.

It is not necessary to go to the hospital just to lose your sense of smell due to the coronavirus. This article is about how you can get treatment from home and what precautions to take.

We are not yet sure which treatment is effective for those who have lost their sense of smell due to coronary heart disease. However, even before the advent of the corona, people lost their sense of smell due to several viral infections.


The treatment I am talking about has worked to improve the sense of smell in those patients. Experts say that this treatment can be given to corona patients to increase their sense of smell.

What is the treatment?

As a rule, dry the scent of four types of things at least twice a day. That means to train yourself with the smell.

What do you smell?

Lemons, cloves, roses, and eucalyptus. Lemons and cloves can be found in the kitchen. Roses and eucalyptus may not be found in the kitchen. Instead of roses, you can use rose water which will stay in the kitchen.

Eucalyptus is a little difficult to find in the country. However, eucalyptus oil is available in various stores. You can use it. You can also take clove oil with you if you want.

How to smell?

Each of these four things must smell for twenty seconds. Do it at least twice a day. Continue for at least three months.

In total, there are four types of scents that need to be dried. Each scent lasts for twenty seconds. At least twice a day, for at least three months.

Patients are usually given these scented vials. They smell them in the morning and in the afternoon. I am talking about ways so that you can start this work at home.

But if you have been advised by a doctor, you must listen to him. Run the treatment like his approach.

For those who can’t smell the nose, there are two more precautions

lose your sense of smell in Corona

1. You can eat rotten food by mistake. Food is spoiled. We usually understand it with a rotten smell. Those who do not have a sense of smell will understand it after eating rotten food.

By then, however, the germs had reached the place. The time we are going through is a big time to get sick. So be very careful about this.

Given the expiration date of the food, you will see it. It is better not to eat stale food if you are not sure the food is good.

2. Another important thing is that if you don’t have the sense of smell corn if there is a fire or something burning, you may not get the smell of washing.

So be careful about this. If you can at home, install a smoke detector that can detect the smoke of the fire.

Remember that your normal sense of smell is a sign that you have changed or lost it. Even if there are no other symptoms, you have to take all precautions. Must stay at home.

But don’t worry. You’re healthy, just lost your sense of smell – that’s not a cause for concern.

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