Popular Isabagulera husk to relieve constipation

By | October 30, 2021
Constipation or constipation

A constipation is known disease. Piles or hemorrhoids disease or gauge the disease’s treatment is an important part of the elimination of constipation. If the toilet is soft, the problem of these diseases is reduced a lot. Isabel husk is an effective medicine to soften the bowels by relieving constipation.

Isabel husk is available in the market is open or packaged form. Take the amount of water as per the instructions written on the packet, mix the husk of Isabel well in it and then eat it, so that the sherbet looks clear or light turbid.

There is no need to mix extra sugar in it. It is also not advisable to leave it after making it, it should be eaten as soon as it is made.

Isabagulera husk eating rules

Popular Isabagulera husk to relieve constipation

It is generally recommended to eat husk twice a day to relieve constipation. It is best to eat the husk of Isabel after eating any two meals. It is important to remember that you have to drink at least two liters of water throughout the day while playing Isbagul husk. As a result of not eating enough water after eating all these husks, the esophagus and intestinal tract become blocked, i.e. the movement of food in the digestive tract is disrupted.

Isabagulera husk can not be eaten when?

Popular Isabagulera husk to relieve constipation

In some special cases, you should avoid eating the husks of these things. Here are 6 special times:

1. It is not right to eat all these husks just before going to sleep. This can cause the mouth of the colon (the part of the body where the stool is made) to close during sleep. In the language of medicine, it is called ‘abstraction’.

‘Obstruction’ is an emergency health complication, in which case you have to go to the hospital on an emergency basis. If this has ever happened to you before, do not eat the husks of these things.

2. Abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting for any reason

3. Never before has there been any kind of adverse reaction in the body by eating the husks of these things

4. Prolonged constipation causes the stool to freeze and get stuck in the mouth of the anus

5. If there is a sudden noticeable change in the type or habit of defecation, and it lasts for more than two weeks

. Blood already flows through the anus, the cause of which is still unclear

. Colonic Antony or slow disease

It is not right to eat the husk of isbagul for a long time without the advice of a doctor. This can cause diarrhea and other side effects. If constipation does not improve after eating Isbagul husk for 3 consecutive days, a doctor’s advice should be taken.

Reference by Linda M. Liau, MD, PhD, MBA

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