How familiar are we with the word “vernix”?

By | November 14, 2021

How familiar are we with the word . baby vernix:

The white dirt-like substance that appears on the body of almost all babies after the baby vernix is born is called. A substance called “v” is found in the body vernix of almost all children. Some babies are born with so many s in their body and some babies are completely clean.

Not many people are aware of this When the baby is given to the parents to wipe, if there is in the body , they think that the baby has not been clearly cleaned or sit down to wipe themselve







There is a deep mystery hidden behind everything in God’s creation, none of us has the ability to understand His infinite knowledge!
Newborn babies have an oily substance called that protects the baby’s skin from fluid in the mother’s womb.
It helps prevent antibodies in the baby.

Care should be taken to clean or wipe the baby immediately after birth so that the does not rise.
According to the WHO, it is best to keep  in the baby’s body for at least 6 hours and 24 hours.

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