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By | November 21, 2021
crystals for weight loss

Despite the absence of scientific proof, some of us swear crystals for weight loss are wherever it’s at. Additionally to weight loss, individuals use crystals to relieve: anxiety, insomnia, depression, digestive problems, physical ailments.

So why would they possibly work? It may well be the effect. This is often once your expertise has a positive outcome from treatment as a result of you expect it to provide you the result you would like.

Here are the 11 preferred crystals for weight loss and the way individuals use them

  1. Blue mineral Blue apatite
  2. Peridot
  3. Sodalite
  4. White quartz
  5. Carnelian
  6. Amethyst
  7. Iolite
  8. Diaspore
  9. Epidote
  10. Sculptor Marble
  11. Gaspeite

Blue mineral Blue apatite

Additionally, like blue craving, This true blue stone is taken into account as a hunger drug. Thus it would facilitate curb your cravings. The blue mineral is additionally related to focus, harmony, acceptance, and communication.


Peridot could be a style of mineral that’s celebrated for its elegant inexperienced color. Many of us claim it helps them keep driven whereas on a weight loss journey. Some individuals conjointly believe it should cut back anxiety or worry, hospital ward the body, increase strength, and enhance liver or vesica performance.


This stone is assumed to reinforce your metabolism. It should conjointly assist you in creating better-for-you food selections and preventing cravings. P.S. Some of us conjointly use the mineral to alleviate emotional stress or tension.

White quartz 

Clear white quartz is assumed to be a protection stone that may clear negative energy. That produces it an excellent option to carry in your purse or pocket. Some of us even place one below our pillow. Some believe this crystal might conjointly contribute to motivation, which could be useful once you attempt to eat healthy foods and exercise.


Carnelian could be a beaming red-orange stone that appears gorg as a pendant. Some peeps use it to cut back hunger and food cravings. Others claim it will facilitate hospital ward your form and boost your overall health.


Amethyst contains a heap of non-secular street credibility. Believers suppose it will balance your hormones while enhancing metabolic performance. It should conjointly keep you driven, whereas serving to you create wholesome food selections.


Iolite stones say this stone will flip you into the Energizer Bunny. Additionally, to increase vitality levels, peeps conjointly say it helps unleash accumulated fatty deposits. FYI: This stone could be a well-liked meditation companion.


Diaspore offers off relaxed energy that produces it nice for everyday use. Some of us suppose this crystal will facilitate stopping water retention and assist with weight loss. It’s conjointly thought to cut back age-related state of mind and promote lucid dreaming.


Mineral enthusiasts use epidote to beat feelings of rejection. Which means it would assist you in jilting emotional and physical weight. It might conjointly assist you to listen to what you eat and why you eat it.

Sculptor Marble 

This stone’s atmosphere is all regarding strength. It’s believed to extend self-control, which might cut back your risk of selecting foods that aren’t in line together with your goals. It conjointly would possibly facilitate regulating your metabolism and keep you calm.


Here’s another one that’s thought to stimulate your metabolism. It should facilitate disengaging unhealthy feelings and inspire you to maneuver forward. Some individuals suppose this is often useful if you’re vulnerable to emotional feeding.

Honorary mentions: Here are some crystals for weight loss, and these didn’t create the cut; however still merit a shout-out:

  • Augelite to assist with digestion.
  • Gold effulgence volcanic glass to assist with digestion.
  • Rainforest opaque gem to assist hospital ward your form.
  • The green transparent gem encourages a healthy systema nervosum.
  • Ethiopian opaque gem to push healthy weight proportion.
  • Sunstone to assist boost self-command and metabolism.
  • Dream quartz to assist stop emotional feeding (it contains epidote).

Wait, however, aren’t crystals simply a baccalaureate placebo effect? While it would sound a small amount hokey, studies recommend the effect will truly be legit. This may well be due to your brain’s response to the treatment context instead of the treatment itself.

Reminder: albeit the effect is for realsies, crystals def aren’t a nostrum. It’s conjointly unlikely that they work in addition to established weight-loss strategies.

Uses of crystals for weight loss

Crystals are versatile A.F. It all comes all the way down to what feels best for you. Here are some ways that you’ll be able to use them to shed poundage. Keep them close to you.

crystals for weight loss

Have your weight-loss crystal shut at hand once you eat. You may have higher results with stones connected to healthy digestion, increased metabolism, or sturdy self-command.

You can also:

  • Keep a crystal in your purse or pocket on a daily.
  • Hold a stone over the world you would like to turn in.
  • Wear the gem as a pendant or on a chunk of knickknack.
  • Place a crystal in your room or wherever you always eat.


Crystals for weight loss are often an excellent companion to your meditation application. Simply decide on a weight loss-oriented stone that you feel drawn to. Then set Associate in Nursing intention — what you would like to accomplish — before your heedfulness sesh.

You can also:

  • Lie on your back and place crystals around you.
  • Hold a gem in your hands as you meditate.

PSA: Take an instant to clear your indefinite quantity if you begin to feel swamped or anxious as you meditate. Take many deep, cleansing breaths and target the air returning in and out of your body. Continue together with your application once you feel safer.


Lots of of us use gemstones to require our Yoga Life to a successive level. Here are some tips:

  • Set your intention before every session.
  • It is very helpful to place crystals for weight loss behind your yoga mat.
  • Carry a gem in your yoga bag to provide your gear with chic vibes.
  • Wear your favorite weight loss stone as a pendant, or use gem beads.
  • Rest some stones on your form throughout Savasana, the relief caused at the tip of every application. Your forehead, chest, belly, and palms are all smart spots. (Pro tip: tiny tumble stones work best.)

How to cleanse your crystals for weight loss?

Lots of crystal lovers wish to cleanse their stones before use. The concept is that this clears the crystal of past energies and aligns it together with your distinctive vibration.

Here’s a way to do it:

  • Sage. Smudge your stone with sage for thirty to sixty seconds.
  • Brown rice. Bury your stone in a very bowl of rice for twenty-four hours.
  • Running water. Place your stone below running water for a minimum of one minute.
  • Natural light-weight. Place your stone below direct daylight or moonlight for ten to twelve hours.
  • Saltwater. Submerge a stone in saltwater for up to forty-eight hours. (But don’t do that with stones that contain trace metals or salts.)

Crystals for weight loss practices that are legit or not?

There are millions of safe and effective ways that to hit your weight loss goals. However, the fundamentals of weight loss stay the same: burning additional calories than you’re taking in = weight loss.

Here are some tips to stay things healthy and balanced:

Work it out. A solid exercise routine could be a good way to turn and improve your overall health.

Take it slow. Feeding slowly will facilitate your body to tell once it’s truly full.

Sleep it off. Studies recommend that obtaining enough shut-eye will assist you in maintaining a healthy weight.

Stay hella hydrous. Drink water regarding half-hour before you eat. This may cause you to feel full and keep your organs acting at their best.

Scale back the booze. Analysis suggests that drinking alcohol on the reg will result in weight gain.

Ease au courant sweet stuff. Sweet drinks and snacks are packed with cals and have few organic process perks.

Try an app. There are a lot of fun and cheap health and fitness apps that may assist you in keeping track of your nutrition and workouts.

Fill up on fiber. Soluble fiber from food or supplements might facilitate cutting back body fat.

Crystals For Weight Loss


Crystals for weight loss aren’t the most effective, thanks to turning. There are far better (and science-backed) ways to shed pounds. However, if you would like to include gemstones in your weight loss arrangement, choose it! The effect would possibly air your aspect if paired with alternative healthy weight loss tools. Just make certain to speak with your doctor before creating any major changes to your diet or mode.

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Dr. Alaa Abousaif MD

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