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Coronavirus  How do you know if a coronavirus  patient has difficulty breathing or not? How to check if the shortness of breath is transient? If you have to go to the hospital, you can help your lungs by lying down or lying on your back. When and how to do pruning? When to be careful when pronouncing and when pruning should not be done at all? All these questions will be answered in this article.

Take three steps immediately if you start having difficulty breathing

Here are three steps you can take to get rid of coronavirus  heart disease. Try to understand a little, so that you can do the right things in a cold head without panicking in times of danger.

The first step : Check whether temporary shortness of breath. Transient shortness of breath can have many causes. E.g., panic attacks. This is not a cause for concern.

You need to do three small things to check if the shortness of breath is temporary.

1. Go to a cool place. If you are at home, open the windows of the room.

2. Then slowly inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Leave as if you are blowing out a candle.

3. Sit straight in a chair while doing this. The spine pulls. Do not squat. Leave the shoulders relaxed. Lean forward a little with the weight on the knees.

Take these steps to see if your breathing is slowly returning to normal. If it becomes normal, there is usually no reason to worry. However, there may be exceptions. That is stated in the second step.




The second step : Now you need to decide whether to go to the hospital. Here I will talk about three different situations. The first two situations are for those who have a pulse oximeter at home. virus The third is for those who do not have Coronavirus  a pulse oximeter at home.

1. If you have a pulse oximeter at home, measure your oxygen with it. Whether you have shortness of breath or not, if the amount of oxygen is less than 94, you need to go to the hospital.

You can get advice on social media that you should only go to the hospital if the amount of oxygen is 90. That is not reliable information. virus According to the latest guideline (version 6.0) of the Department of Health of Bangladesh, it is recommended to give oxygen to the patient only if the amount of oxygen in the blood falls below 94. So you can’t wait until 90.

However, if you are naturally deficient in oxygen due to a disease, then 94 does not apply to you. virus There are more details in this article.

2. The amount of oxygen is above 94, but if your breathing is not decreasing, then you have to go to the hospital. Even before the coronavirus  arrived, the patient was advised to go to the hospital if he had difficulty breathing. It’s still the same.

3. If there is no pulse oximeter at home, the patient will go to the hospital if his breathing is not reduced.

Third step:

If you find that your oxygen level is less than 94 or that your breathing is not stopping or decreasing, you need to go to the hospital.

As long as the hospital is being arranged for you, you can do another thing for the benefit of your lungs. We call it proning. In simple Bengali, lying on your back. It has been applied to virus corona patients hospitalized in England. It has also been introduced in Coronavirus  units in our country. You can do this at home if possible before reaching the hospital.

If you have shortness of breath in Coronavirus , how do you prone?

Pruning’s total four positions. Each one should have at least half an hour. If possible, run for two hours. Then change places again.

The locations are :

1. Lying on your back

2. Lie on your right side.

3. Sitting reclining on the pillow. Don’t get up and sit down and don’t lie down again. Make an angle of thirty to sixty degrees with the bed.

4. Lie on your left side.

You have to do it this way. After making four positions, start again from the beginning.

When prana can not be breathing in the corona?

Pronation is usually done under the supervision of a physician who sees if it is suitable for the patient. If it takes time to find a hospital or get admitted, call for that time. If you can be admitted to the hospital immediately, then the treatment will continue on the advice of a doctor. Otherwise, I will talk about the situation now, refrain from pronouncing at that time.

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1. If there is severe shortness of breath. For example, the patient is breathing more than 35 times a minute, or using other muscles to breathe – the skin between the two ribs is penetrating, the throat muscles are swollen, and so on.

2. The patient is in a very excited state or in a confused state, behaving incoherently.

3. Blood pressure dropped below ninety.

4. There is a problem with the rhythm of the heart or arrhythmia.

5. The spine is not stable, there are chest injuries, or have had abdominal surgery a few days ago.

Pruning cannot be done in these cases.

And in some cases you have to be careful.

These are Coronavirus:

1. If more than three months pregnant.

2. If the body weight is too much.

3. If there is a wound on the skin.

4. If there is an injury to the face.

5. If you have Coronavirus or other diseases of the nervous system.

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