Causes and Treatment of Abdominal Pain

By | October 30, 2021
abdominal pain and its causes

Causes and treatment of abdominal pain

Most of the time abdominal pain is not caused by any serious disease. He recovered in a few days. The different types of abdominal pain that we have and the possible causes of them are discussed in this article. However, do not try to diagnose your own disease. If you are worried about the pain, you must seek the help of a doctor. And you must know the 11 times you need to go to the hospital quickly.

Why is there stomach pain?

Types of abdominal pain  Possible reasons. Feeling bloated and letting out excess air Stuck air Feeling full or bloated after eating, heartburn and nausea. Indigestion Not having a toilet   Constipation. Feeling like watery stools, nausea, vomiting  Diarrhea, or food poisoning.

What are the other causes of abdominal pain?

Types of abdominal pain: Possible reasons. Sudden onset of pain in the lower right side of the abdomen. Appendicitis Stomach biting, bloating, thin stools, constipation, Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS.

Severe pain in one side of the abdomen or back that descends to the groin, nausea, pain when urinating Kidney stones. Severe pain in the middle of the abdomen or just below the right side of the ribs for several hours Stones in the gallbladder.

Sudden onset of severe pain in the middle of the abdomen, nausea or vomiting, fever Pancreatitis. Abdominal pain or biting during menstruation Menstrual pain.

When to take the help of a doctor if you have stomach pain?

Abdominal pain

  • Frequent abdominal pain or bloating can be a problem
  • Abdominal pain or bloating lasts a long time and does not want to heal easily
  • Stomach pain as well as difficulty swallowing food, food getting stuck in the throat
  • Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness
  • Frequent vomiting
  • The stomach feels like a wheel
  • Suffers from iron deficiency anemia
  • Suddenly your urination is more or less frequent than usual
  • You feel pain when urinating
  • Bleeding through the bowel or vaginal discharge, or menstrual discharge that is abnormal
  • Diarrhea did not go away in a few days
Here are some things you can ask your doctor about:
  • Possible cause of abdominal pain
  • What can be done to reduce the pain
  • Any medicine can be taken for constipation and indigestion

If you have abdominal pain, go to the hospital on an emergency basis

Abdominal pain

  • The pain worsens or worsens very quickly
  • Abdominal pain starts suddenly or the pain becomes very intense
  • It hurts when you touch the abdomen
  • Blood goes with vomiting or the color of vomit turns dark brown like coffee beans
  • There is blood in the stool or the stool is black, sticky, and has a strong odor
  • Urination stops
  • The toilet or ventilation stops
  • It is difficult to breathe
  • Chest pain
  • Someone with diabetes vomits
  • The patient becomes unconscious

These symptoms can be caused by a serious disease. If left untreated, it can lead to death. So you must go to the hospital without delay.

Reference: Yalda Afshar, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor In-Residence of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine.

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