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10 helpful foods high in estrogen

Foods high in estrogen Estrogen plays a critical part in the functioning of both female and male bodies, foods high in estrogen therefore keeping estrogen levels in check is essential. Click here to learn more about estrogen’s role in the body. When it comes to naturally boosting estrogen levels, estrogen boosting foods can make a significant difference. Tofu… Read More »

Function of The hormone prolactin

Hyper hormone prolactin is an increased content of prolactin (one of the most important hormones of the pituitary gland) in the blood serum. The role of prolactin in the regulation of the female reproductive system: Among the variety of reasons leading to a violation of the full function of the ovaries and, as a result, endocrine infertility due… Read More »

Skin fungus spots – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

This fungus can cause fungal infections or skin problems in people of all ages. The risk of this condition is increased by living in an unhealthy environment, humid and humid weather, living in a squalid environment, excessive perspiration, and so on. Fungal infections are extremely infectious. To avoid this, you’ll need to take extra precautions and seek medical… Read More »

Baby acne vs eczema | The Best Treatment for baby

Treatment Ask your doctor to prescribe more effective prescription treatments for you if you’ve used over-the-counter baby acne solutions for several weeks and they haven’t helped. A dermatologist can assist you with the following issues: Baby Acne treatment Preventing scarring and other skin damage As much as possible, conceal the scars. Acne treatments reduce oil production and puffiness,… Read More »

Best Way To Relieve Lower Right Back Pain After Epidural

Treatment of lower right back pain after epidural injections in the epidural space Treatment of lower right back pain After Epidural an epidural injection relieves pain and edema in the spine and extremities for a short time (arms and legs). For the greatest benefit, imaging guidance can be employed to position the needle in the right location. The… Read More »

Best 10 treat for mental illness without medication

Prescription medicines can be life-saving for many people suffering from depression. Antidepressants, such as Prozac (fluoxetine) and Zoloft (sertraline), are the most commonly given medications for depression. While they are generally beneficial, they can have adverse effects and be costly depending on your health insurance coverage. There are a variety of non-prescription options for treating some of the… Read More »

Diabetes patient foot care

If you have diabetes, it is very important for you to take care of your feet. This article discusses how you can take care of your feet and when to go to the doctor. Due to diabetes, the blood circulation in your legs decreases and you lose consciousness there. This is called peripheral neuropathy. This means that if you hit your… Read More »