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Popular Causes of indigestion and home remedies

Popular Causes of indigestion and home remedies Most people sometimes have indigestion problems. This is usually not a sign of something serious. You can treat it yourself. Symptoms of indigestion The following symptoms may occur after eating or drinking: Burning of the chest- Feeling of burning pain in the chest, especially after eating Feeling full or swollen Nausea Belching and… Read More »

Gastric or peptic ulcer:

Gastric or peptic ulcer is A silent, deadly disease. When the lining of the stomach is damaged for any reason and causes inflammation, that disease is called gastritis in the medical language. Many of us call this disease gastric or gastric problems. This disease can have many causes. For most people, this problem is not fatal. He recovered… Read More »

Causes and remedies for sore throat and chest

When we eat food, stomach acid goes down the body with the food without a sore throat. If the opposite happens, that is, the stomach acid does not go down but rises up to the throat, then we feel a burning sensation in the chest and sore throat. This is called acid reflux or heartburn. Many of us call it gastric, gastric pain,… Read More »