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By | October 30, 2021
best cheap car insurance

When choosing one or the other type of car insurance, many clients mainly look best for car insurance at a low price, however, the most important thing is the coverage of the policy. And that is that in some cases, the economic difference between the two insurances may be a mere symbolic amount, but in return, it provides much more coverage.

best car insurance

How to save with the best car insurance?

The price of each policy is calculated based on different variables which allow the insurers to offer their best price. Therefore, the best option is to use our car insurance simulator and be able to get a budget consistent with your needs at a glance. These variables are driver data, vehicle data, and the usage of creating it.

To prepare this analysis of the best car insurance for October 2021, we selected a low-risk driver profile with the following characteristics: 35 years old, Barcelona resident, married and childless. He has a driving license from the age of 18, has been an insurance holder for over 10 years, and has a good accident record. For the car, it’s an Audi A1 1.0 TFSI attraction S Tronic that has been “sleeping” on the road since 2016 and with which its owner travels about 15,000 kilometers a year.

Comprehensive car insurance

To keep the car as safe as possible, take the best insurance. Thus, in the event of an accident, the company will take care of all repairs to the insured part of the insured vehicle. This coverage of your own loss is the main difference between third-party insurance and a full-risk. This is very much taken into consideration by new car owners, as any car accident, no matter how minor, needs to be corrected by itself when it will be covered by the insurer through this policy.

  1. The best comprehensive insurance from Albadis

Quality auto provides the user with an entirely complete risk. It is insurance that includes compulsory and voluntary civic liability as well as coverage for own losses. If the car is stolen or catches fire, the company guarantees to pay for the new car in the first two years of service. Similarly, windows and sunroofs are covered.

This is a very broad policy that offers the possibility to include specific coverage for the insured, such as having a replacement vehicle while the car is in the workshop or extending personal accident and death insurance to passengers.

  1. The best risk insurance in Palladio

Pella is in second place in the rankings. The company has offered an all-risk like the previous one, which includes mandatory and voluntary civil liability, window coverage, fire, theft, and self-harm. It offers a free choice of workshops, covering the loss of luggage and personal items.

  1. Best Comprehensive Insurance for Catalan Accidents

cheap car insurance

Catalana Occidente’s all-risk has been presented as a good option at an economic level because it has a very strong premium. It ranks second in this ranking because it is quite close to the previous option in terms of coverage. It also provides protection against tire damage, although it does affect luggage and personal belongings.

Finally, like Albadis, it has legal defenses and penalty guarantees, which include unlimited use of company lawyers, as well as free recruitment of lawyers and bonds.

Third-party car insurance

The simplest policy that exists to protect a car is third-party insurance. This means that in the case of a claim, the insurance will only charge for third-party losses. Since they are the most basic, their prices are also usually the cheapest and the number of covers is the lowest since in general, they have the minimum coverage required to be able to perform.

  1. Better third-party insurance from M Mapfre

While this is not the cheapest third-party insurance, it is one of the best value for money. And that is that this Mapfre car policy, although basic, will not only be able to promote coverage but also includes guarantees such as free choice of workshops and voluntary civic liability, in addition to the possibility of quarterly fractions. Biennial payments.

Similarly, it also includes travel assistance inside and outside Spain; Coverage of material and personal damage in extraordinary events such as natural disasters, and protection of insured against costs incurred due to legal defense and claims for damages caused by the driver or his occupants.

  1. Better MMT third party insurance

MMT’s third-party insurance is the second-best third-party car insurance this month and the most affordable of the three, a policy that includes a basic guarantee, as well as a replacement car, free choice of workshop, and its insurance. Physical accident.

  1. Better insurance for third parties from Zurich Directo

Zurich’s offer is the same as the previous two, but there is a slight difference in price. For the coverage included, in addition to the basics, this policy includes free choice of workshop, replacement car, and personal injury insurance.

Best Car Insurance Summary?

As you may have noticed in the rankings, the best car insurance is Mapfrey and Albadis cars. If what you are looking for is third-party insurance, the best option is Mapfre, which gives you compulsory civil liability and travel assistance coverage for 330 euros a year. On the other hand, if you prefer extended third-party insurance, which includes legal protection, the best option is Albadis, 1,104 euros per year. Finally, if you prefer full insurance, to get the peace of mind that you will always cover, Albadis offers options with maximum coverage of 2,249 euros per year.

We selected a low-risk profile to perform this ranking, so the suggested prices are only informative. Similarly, in order to choose insurance against others, we have based ourselves on the number of coverage of some products against others, as well as the cost. Therefore, it is possible that when comparing a driver’s information differently from the information we have used for this ranking, the price paid by the insurer changes.

And it is very useful to use a car insurance comparator to find the best car insurance. It is enough to enter the driver, vehicle, and its useful features and in just a few minutes you can get all the products offered by the companies as well as the price and coverage of each. This way, a lot of time and money can be saved.

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